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Information for Parents

Technology and the internet can be fantastic – they can help our children to learn, to create amazing things, to communicate and to entertain themselves and each other. Our children are surrounded by this Technology – it is part and parcel of their daily lives.  


Using Technology and the internet well is about using it safely and responsibly. Things can go wrong by accident or if behaviour isn’t sensible or respectful.  Our job is not to stop our young people from using Technology but to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to successfully navigate themselves through the online world, so they become good digital citizens.

How to Report

Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) website is a police agency tackling child abuse on the internet.

The Internet Watch Foundation website is the UK’s hotline for reporting illegal content found on the Internet.

UK Safer Internet Centre - Need help? This webpage contains information about what to do if a child comes to you for help and advice about how to report online concerns such as cyber bullying, inappropriate content or illegal behaviour.

Y5 Merridale Safer Internet Day - Y5 Merridale students
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eSafety Newsletters
eSafety Useful Links

The links on this page are designed to support you in helping your children stay as safe as they can be when using Technology, including the internet.

Click on the icons to access useful links.

Parents Guide to Roblox

Find out how to keep your child safe while playing Roblox.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Roblox

Find out more about Roblox, including whether it's safe, how it works and what Robux are.

Roblox – Guide for Parents

Top tips for parents to help young people stay safe on Roblox.

Snapchat Snap Maps

Guidance regarding the new Snapchat map feature.

Parental Controls

This tool will help you understand how to set parental controls and all the main devices and websites your children use.

Cyber - Bullying

Find out more about cyber bullying, grooming, sharing personal information, etc.

Cyber - Bullying

Find out more about cyber bullying & prevention.

Online & Mobile Safety

Learn how to stay safe online.

Online Safety

A guide to internet safety and safe surfing.

Online Safety

Helping parents and guardians understand the digital world their children live in.

Online Safety

Expert information to help children and young people stay safe online, for schools to host on their own websites.

Stay Safe on Social Networks

Share Aware - Help your child stay safe on social networks, apps and games.

Stay Safe on Social Networks

This website provides handy practical guides on how to use social networks safely.

Stay Safe on Social Networks

Social media tips for parents.

Online Safety

Get lots of useful information and advice for your family.

Please note we are constantly updating this site and would welcome any suggestions.

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