Curriculum Overview

To provide a curriculum which is meaningful, challenging, engaging and successful in preparing pupils to succeed in their future lives.


  • Diversity: The school celebrates its diverse community through having regular opportunities to share experiences and beliefs to foster an understanding and empathy of the differences and similarities between cultures and experiences. 

  • Communication Language and Literacy: Vocabulary enrichment is a key focus for the school to ensure all pupils are equipped to articulate their knowledge and needs effectively.

  • Well-Being: The school prioritises the mental health and well-being of all pupils and provides resources to ensure pupils’ needs are met effectively

  • Knowledge and Skills: We equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and resilience to be happy and valued citizens in the future. The curriculum prepares pupils to become successful, independent adults in the future.

  • Outdoor Opportunities, Visits and Experiences: The school is committed to ensuring that pupils have a wide range of outdoor opportunities to enhance learning through real life experiences. Educational visits are carefully planned to ensure that pupils experience learning and life beyond the classroom.

  • Caring for our Environment and our Community: The school is committed to ensuring that all pupils are aware and informed of their role in protecting and championing the environment and their community.


The delivery of the curriculum is achieved through a thematic approach (which we call “Discover”).


  • Stakeholders have recognised that learning through engaging themes allows links to be made between subjects to strengthen pupils’ understanding and progress. 

  • There is a clear pathway of opportunities to build on skills and knowledge across subjects as pupils progress through year groups. 

  • Subjects are carefully planned to provide learning sequences that revisit and build on prior knowledge gained. 

  • Maths, speaking and listening, reading and writing are taught in separate, discreet subjects.

  • Opportunities to enhance learning are exploited across subjects ensuring that the focus for learning is based on the subject of study.

  • Parents and carers have opportunities to engage with and support pupils’ learning through learning logs of activities to support the wider curriculum alongside showcases of pupils’ achievements at the end of study units.

  • School is committed to developing the subject knowledge, skills and confidence in the teaching of all curriculum areas. This is regularly reviewed through monitoring and informal discussions.


How we know what our pupils have learnt and how well they have learnt it.


  • Senior leaders and subject leaders have a responsibility to monitor the effectiveness of the curriculum through a range of monitoring tools.

  • As part of the monitoring process, evidence is gathered from a range of sources, including discussions with teachers and pupils to identify pupils’ progress and opportunities exploited to extend pupils’ knowledge and skills over time. 

  • Subject leaders regularly review learning across year groups to ensure that all pupils are able to make good progress from their starting points.

  • There is evidence of pupils building on prior knowledge to extend and enhance their depth of knowledge as they move through the school.

  •  Class teachers also have a responsibility to ensure that their delivery results in pupils increasing their knowledge, skills and understanding across the curriculum.

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Our Curriculum