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School Admissions


Parents and carers considering applying to the school can arrange a visit to view the school. Laura Towle, the Headteacher, prefers to take parents around the school personally and feels that to do this on a normal working day is by far the best way for you to get to know the school.

Children become eligible for Nursery following their third birthday as soon as places become available. Places in Nursery are allocated on date of birth order. Allocation of a place in Nursery does not automatically guarantee a full-time place in school.

Separate admission arrangements, administered through the Local Authority, are in operation for allocation of places in full-time education. Children to be admitted in Reception need to be 5 by the end of their first academic school year, i.e. date of birth 1st September - 31st August. An application pack will be sent out, in good time, to allow you to select an order of preference for the school which you would like your child to attend. Staff at school are more than happy to support parents/carers with any difficulties concerning the process.

The procedure for applying for a secondary school place will begin in the September of children's final year (Year 6). Once again, the Local Authority will provide a comprehensive information pack relating to the application form and information about the different schools within the Authority. The school provides an information evening to support parents/carers with the application process and answer any questions that might arise from what can be a difficult and stressful time.

Further information about the Local Authority's admission arrangements can be found below:

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